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Turn off or Disable Windows Live Messenger Photo Sharing

When you are try send a photo or an image to friend using built in file transfer feature your image appears in a photo sharing box.

To avoid this from happening simply drag and drop your image to contact's name from your contact list.


Now you will be able to transfer your images the way you used to!

MSN Photo Transfer


Anonymous said...

thank you so much... this is insane how much microsoft can annoy us by adding useless features to live messenger

Anonymous said...

How do I actually turn if off though? This is just a work-around. You could just as easily click Files->Send a file of photo menu item to get the same result. This method will not work for sending any image currently in the clipboard

Anonymous said...

How do I ctrl+v stuff. I hate photo sharing.

Dan said...

You can disable it with A-Patch. This tip is great. Thanks.

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