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Polygamy, Multi MSN, Simultaneously, Run 2 or more Messengers

Windows Live Messenger (MSN) allow only one user to launch WLM (MSN Messenger) service by default.

However, with some simple tweaks and tips you can get WLM (MSN) running simultaneously.

Multi MSN

1. Solution: A Patch Polygamy

- Download A Patch for your current WLM version here
- Select Polygamy (Multi-MSN) and click apply

A Patch

2. Solution: Mess Patch Polygamy

- Download Mess Patch for your current Messenger version here
- Select "Enable Polygamy" under General Options and click next

Mess Polygamy

3. Solution: Messenger Plus! Live Multiple Account Option

- Download MSG Plus here
- Go to Messenger Plus preferences
- Click the Messenger tab above
- Select "Allow me to connect to several accounts simultaneously"
- Click OK

MSG Plus Simultaniously


Anonymous said...


I've been looking for this polygamy feature for ages.

skts said...

Please I have a problem in my Windowns Live Messenger
I used to have WLM 8.0 but then I can’t sign in coz they obliged me to download and use the newer version WLM 8.1
I downloaded WLM 8.1 but after I sign in directly an error occurs with send error report or don’t send option.
Note that the same version WLM 8.1 I downloaded @ my work and it worked there properly. but it is not working @ home
how can I solve such issue????? PLZ HEL

Timo said...

Thanks for this solution. I have installed A Patch, so I've been using A Patch Polygamy for 2 days and I am more than happy with it. Me and girlfriend can run 2 messengers at the same time.

Once again, thank you!

I did bookmark this site, you never know when some annoying pop up error code will display :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for tip sharing :)

avinash said...

nice information it is working for me.

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