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Msn Errors

Msn Errors: Help Appreciated!


We decided to make a step forward!

We got many requests lately. It's hard to find solutions for all of these annoying MSN/WLM errors in a very short time.

We are seeking for new members who would like to help other people to solve Messenger related problems.

Send us an e~mail to: admin ^AT^

Any kind of help appreciated, but after all, it's good for community to share the ideas!


Anonymous said...

I have never had problems with MSN Live until now. Everytime I sent my webcam or accept someone's webcam, my MSN freezes and it says (Not Responding). Then I can not reopen MSN Live again. Please help!! -B

Teodora said...

I have problems signing in to MSN. When i log in, it says that the server is temporary unavailable, and that i should try again later...
I have another account, and i have no problems with it. i tried to sign in later, but its been like that for weeks... HELP ME!!!!!!!! :(
if anyone knows how to help me, contact me on:

Anonymous said...

Ive just downloaded WLM, when i try sign it tells me i need to update,it gives me the option of yes or no, either one that i select it will not let me log into WLM at all... need help desperately!!!

Anonymous said...

try closing down wlm

then go to start run and enter these 3 codes into run 1 at a time

in this order

regsvr32 Softpub.dll

regsvr32 Mssip32.dll

regsvr32 Initpki.dll

also try typing this in run aswell

regsvr32 MSXML3.dll

i cant gurantee this will work

best of luck x

Anonymous said...

Help...i tried to install wlm..everytime i install it, there wrote i already have all the programs in my laptop, but i cant find it in my laptop... i tried uninstalling everything n deleted the messenger program from the program files and program data..but still i unable to install my windows live!!!

Anonymous said...

I canot singing in or singin out because the WLM page freeze, so there's no response. I tried some but still does'n work.
my internet conection and my comp. are ok just the WLM page froze.canot chat! Any help, apreciate.

Zoolander said...

Thanx for Nfo

Anonymous said...

Hi people... I just downloaded the newest version of WLM and I just can't install it. I've followed the steps told in here, and the installation process will only reach a 50% and later show an error message. I've uninstalled all LIVE applications, before that the installation process would only go to 30%, now it stays on 50%! I'd appreciate your help!

gasoir324 said...

I'm getting error message 800700e, it says it's temporally offline, and I can'tlog in. how do i fix that?

Anonymous said...

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