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Msn Errors

You can't recieve any message on MSN or WLM

You cannot recieve any message on MSN Messenger or WLM but are able to send messages to other contacts.

This is the error when people are trying to contact you:

"The following message could not be delivered to all recipients"

We recommend you to use webmessenger until we figure out how to solve it.


Anonymous said...

Me neither.. cant get any msg on msn. Any solution so far?

Anonymous said...

I got this error everytime i want to send something on messenger: The following message could not be delivered.

This really annoys me.

Anonymous said...

This is driving me around the bend...If I see it once more I'm going to ram my computer up someone ass.........fix this friggin problem

Alan l said...

WLM 8.1, 8.5
Windows Vista X86 (32bit)
Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard (Nvidia Chipset)
Netgear DG834G Router + NG-WG111v3 USB wireless adapter.

Hi every one,

i had this problem for a while & it drove me crazy. i pretty much tried everything to sort this, restoring windows, enlarging the DNS Cache in the registry, chaging router settings, updating drivers & software ect ect

anyway i was beginning to think it must be a hardware/driver issue/conflict. because i have 2 different brand network adapters built onto my motherboard.

1 of them a marvell yukon 88e8053 pci-e Gbt. which doesnt even allow me to sign into messenger however normal internet operation is fine.

the Nvidia nforce adapter seems to work fine allowing me to sign in to messenger but then after a random amout of time (roughly 20 - 45 mins) the connection with the server seems to crash & i couldnt send or receive messages, forcing me to log out & log in all the time.

i have a laptop with vista installed & use WL Messenger on that & it works fine all the time. there was one difference though. it connects wirelessly to my router using the inbuilt card.

just as a last resort i bought a wireless usb network adapter. & to my suprise it seems to have rid me of the problem. tested it for 9 hours without a glitch!

while i appreciate this could be a hardware issue of my own & could possibly be a faulty router or ethernet ports/network adapters. im convinced its a conflict in windows vista.

its another solution to try if you have a wireless router. & a wireless card wont set you back much (i paid £30) & if it still doesnt work im sure a refund can be done at the shop.

any way i hope this helps.



Anonymous said...

This is soooo ridiculously annoying. I've found that uninstalling and reinsatlling msn live will avoid the problem for an hour or so of chat before it returns. But have already reinstalled it four times. Please fix this asap!!!

Anonymous said...

its driving me up the wall too, did anyone tried to report it straight up to MSN?
someone please help retain my sanity

Anonymous said...

this really is driving me mad, i have re-installed msn/wlm about 7 or 8 times now. and nothing works. does anyone know of a solution, no matter how stupid?

Anonymous said...

I'm facing the same problem for at least half a year. Normally I don't receive any feedback, just simply message send out/in are missing. Resign in can solve the problem temporary.

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