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MSN Content Plus

MSN Content Plus RemoveRemove MSN Content Plus Register Alert.

Your current time trial is expired. Please register or uninstall all products of MSN Content Plus.

To remove this message, you have to delete the following files;

msnlogs.exe and msnlogm.exe from the Windows folder.

The best way to do this is in safe mode and then use the MS-DOS prompt to delete them.

How to Start Up in Safe Mode

Restart your computer (click the Start button on taskbar, choose Shut Down, then select Restart).

When the screen appears black and the computer begins to start up, press the F8 key repeatedly (about once a second). A black screen with white text will appear and with start up options. Note: If the Microsoft Windows image with the Windows symbol appears, then you have passed the point to start up in safe mode. Repeat the steps to restart your computer and try again.

The default option is Start Windows Normally. To start up in safe mode, use the arrow keys on the keyboard and highlight Safe Mode, then press Enter. (Do not choose Safe Mode with Networking if you believe you have spyware or a virus.)

Depending on the version of Windows you are running, the system may ask you to select an operating system. Chose the operating system you wish to troubleshoot (most will have just one option, Windows XP Professional, for example). The system will continue the start up process.

If your computer is password protected, you will be required to log in. You must log in with an account that has administrator access.

A message box will appear and ask if you would like to proceed working in safe mode. Click Yes to continue.

To verify that you are in safe mode, look at the corners of the main desktop screen. The words Safe Mode should be in the corners of the desktop.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this solution!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It works thanks!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much

Danni said...

MSN Content Plus is so annoying. Thank you for solution to remove it.

It's working :))

Anonymous said...

help, it's not working.
could you please tell me step by step,

thank you

Anonymous said...

i've tried everything you asked to restart and all that other safe mode, but i still can't get rid of msn content. i'm soo tried of this stupid message. please someone help by giving step by step instructions.

you will be a saver for me if you can help me.

help? Help?

thanks a million

Anonymous said...

Nice one!


Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooooooooooo much for telling me how toget rid of that, i want to swear soooooooooooo much at it because it is soooo annoying the little fucking cunt.

MSN Content Plus Hater said...

I just removed (fixed) this MSN Content Plus thing. Thanks for solution. MSN Content Plus is so annoying software. I hope i never see MSN Content Plus again.

Anonymous said...

I hate MSN Content Plus, its so stupid. I've tried everything! I hope this works!

energizbunny said...

Thank you so very much, I thought I was going to go nuts if I didn't get rid of that stupid pop up. Every friggin day 3-6 times a day ... seriously ... how is that supposed to get someone to register, that just made me want to hunt the person down that came up with MSN Content Plus.
You are a life saver .... Have a great long weekend!!!!


Anonymous said...

I removed msnlogs.exe and msnlogm.exe from the Windows folder.with program name UNLOCKER I have installed in my PC, went to Windows..found msnlogs.exe and msnlogm.exe and with UNLOCKER ask to remove (delete)one by one and each time said to will due at next reboot..REboot after and now are both gone for good.
Try it.
Regards from Mastrocalo

Anonymous said...

oh thank fuck!
so fukin annoying

Anonymous said...

oh my god!!thank you so much...I was so tired of that message..and I tried a lot of "solutions" but nothing worked..finally I fixed and throw the msn content plus out of my computer.

Anonymous said...

I found WINDOWS in Local Disk in My Computer, but cant find those 2 things 2 delete..any help??

Anonymous said...

When i go to delete msnlogm and msnlogs, a message pops up stating i cannot delete the two as theyre being used by another person or program.
Anyone with any idea??

Anonymous said...

oh my god!!thank you so much...I was so tired of that message finally I fixed and throw the msn content plus out of my computer.

I so happy , Thank you again

Jey-T said...

hey what's up eveybody!!!!!!

I had to tell you this everyone cuz since I been trying to get rid of this MTF msn content plus!!!! and I read this blog which kind of help me cuz I tried but it didn't work I'm been nuts for like two months trying to get rid of it.well if this sounds familiar to you well maybe there is somethin that I can tell you that no one has told yet..or I least I didnt see it...well to get rid of this MTF problem, look for the "msnimport" and delete it !!!!!!! that's the real one who keeps your computer for those anoying pop-ups! and once u found it make sure you delete the other like msnlog and so on you know those who are listed here..the clasic ones!! just to be sure

well I hope this can help to all of you whom want to get rid of this MFT msn content!!!!!


Anonymous said...

stupid software

Anonymous said...


i tried and it works thanks a lot! reboot in Safe Mode Windows, choose adminstrator account then search for the msnlogs.exe and msnlogm.exe and DELETE IT, make sure its deleted in the recycle bin as well. good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thx for solution

Msn content plus made me mad!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so muuuuuuccchhh!!! i hated that message. Finally it´s gone

Anonymous said...

Thanks man ,that message was realy annoying!

Diablo said...

What's point of MSN Content Plus? I really don't get it. I am glad I fixed this. Ty very much!

Anonymous said...

hey... Finalllllyyyyy after a year... ok to all those who didn't get lucky download the UNLOCKER software its amazing delets it ..

Anonymous said...

va rog ajutati-ma shi p mn k nu pot sa scap de rog din tot sufletul spuneti-mi pas cu pas qm s roggggg multumesc

Anonymous said...

use unlocker, use unlocker!!!!! download unlocker!!!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

love you! thank youuuuuuu!

10000000000+ internetz for you :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All msn account can open in my PC but only my msn account cant. When I want to sing in,a box always open and said :

We can't sing you in to Windows Live Messenger

Singing in to Windows Live Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

Error Code : c0020006

ILIR said...

Hello everybody !!

I cant sing in to messenger. Please help me

Error Code is : c0020006

All other msn accounts can sing in to Windows Live Messenger in my PC,but only my msn account cant.


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