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Msn Errors

How to fix sign-in error 80048883 Msn messenger 7.5

  1. Download the following file: - If you can't access the file, try downloading it from
  2. Change the file extension to .DLL (if not download from our site)
  3. Now place the file into C:\Documents and Settings\[Windows Username]\Application Data\Microsoft\IdentityCRL\ and overwite the existing file.
  4. Reboot your computer.
  5. Attempt to sign-in again using MSN Messenger.


Anonymous said...


MSN is buggy said...

This guys, I can't imagine Messenger without your help... I just solved 80048883 error.

Steph said...

i did this.... and it didnt work! it comes up that it is unable to sign me in due to my firewall or proxy settings... and my firewall 1) is set to allow MSN messenger 7.5 to work and 2)is not on!

Any help? I've been trying to get MSN working for months!

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